About Us


Alaska Afterschool Network is the only statewide organization dedicated to increasing afterschool and expanded learning opportunities for school-age children, youth, and families in Alaska. In 2013, with the support of the State of Alaska Department of Education and several afterschool programs and funders across the state, Alaska Children's Trust (ACT) was awarded a grant from the Charles Stewart Mott Foundation to create the Alaska Afterschool Network.  blog


Investing in our children safeguards their well-being today and assures the future success of our state and nation. Research shows that afterschool programs increase student’s attendance, grades, and graduation rates; decrease expulsions; increase self-esteem, causing a reduction in suicide; and builds the protective factors to overcome trauma. Afterschool programs are the strongest impact on decreasing the odds of a youth engaging in risk behaviors like alcohol consumption or crime. These programs directly support the Strengthening Families Five Protective Factors


To support, strengthen, and advocate for quality afterschool programs and activities for children, youth, and families throughout Alaska.


Quality afterschool programs and activities for all Alaska kids and youth.

What is Afterschool?

Any program or activity that occurs outside of school's regular hours (on or off school grounds) that significantly increases youth well-being, academic achievement, and successful high school graduation.

Who We Are

The Alaska Afterschool Network is a network of nonprofit, private, tribal, and government organizations that promote high quality, afterschool programs as a critical component in the positive development of Alaska’s youth.

Role of Afterschool Network

  • Convene: Bring together the afterschool community to build a cohesive system that promotes collaboration and a unified voice.
  • Promote excellence: Share information and best practices and promote continuing education that fosters high-quality programs.
  • Advocate: Increase the awareness of the impact of afterschool programs, increase communities access to afterschool programs and to influence public policy at the local, state and national levels.

Our goals

  • Maintain a sustainable network structure of partners at the statewide, regional and local levels.
  • Support policy and resource development to sustain new and existing afterschool programs.
  • Support statewide system to ensure high-quality afterschool programs.