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Preconference Institute:

This year, there will be two Preconference Institute offerings: Healthy Lifestyles and Staff Social and Emotional Learning & Leadership. Both Preconference Institute sessions will be held on November 6, prior to the regular 2-day Alaska Afterschool Conference on November 7-8. The Preconference Institute is geared toward all afterschool program types and space is limited to 50 participants each session. Organizations should consider taking a select, collaborative team approach when attending this Institute.

Preconference Institute Schedule - November 6

8:00-8:30am - Registration

8:30-2:00pm - Healthy Lifestyles or Staff Social and Emotional Learning & Leadership

2:30-5:00pm - Site visit field trips

Registration for both Healthy Lifestyles and Staff Social and Emotional Learning & Leadership closes at capacity.

Healthy Lifestyles

Presenter: YESS Institute, Denver Afterschool Alliance

Audience: Instructional (Frontline) Staff

Programmatic Grade Level: 5th – 8th grade

Healthy Lifestyles is a 10-session marijuana awareness and education curriculum that empowers youth to think critically about marijuana. Created by afterschool providers as a response to marijuana legalization, Healthy Lifestyles gives trusted adults the instructional strategies, hands-on materials, and facts to help them facilitate activities that let youth explore relevant marijuana topics. Because each session is driven by youth, they leave with the information and skills they need to make positive decisions for themselves about marijuana.

All participants who come to this session will get to experience Healthy Lifestyles activities and learn how to have trusting conversations with youth about marijuana. Participants will also discuss the instructional strategies and practice delivering the curriculum so that they leave prepared to facilitate Healthy Lifestyles with youth in their own community. Healthy Lifestyles curriculum is intended for afterschool and summer programs serving grades 5th – 8th. Healthy Lifestyles was developed by the YESS Institute on behalf of the Denver Afterschool Alliance.

Staff Social and Emotional Learning & Leadership

Presenter: Anchorage Youth Development Coalition, a program of the Center for Safe Alaskans

Audience: Instructional (Frontline) Staff, Coordinators, Directors, Managers

Programmatic Grade Level: Kindergarten – 12th grade

Staff Social and Emotional Learning & Leadership is designed for adult youth workers and supervisors to identify and build their own Social Emotional skills and competencies. When staff are provided the opportunity to assess, build, and reflect upon their own social and emotional strengths and opportunities for growth, they are stronger resources to support growth of Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) competencies among young people, and better equipped to coordinate and direct programs.

Participants in this session will support their own Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) through exploration and guided reflection, including a deep dive into the resources available in Bradberry and Graves’ Emotional Intelligence 2.0. Participants will engage in adult SEL practices that can be applied in their work and in supporting youth and other adults. Participants will learn about key components of meetings, training, and events that support staff Social and Emotional Learning. The session will explore high quality resources available from leading experts in the field. All participants will receive their own copy of Emotional Intelligence 2.0 to take back to their youth program and staff along with access to online self-assessment and resources.

This Preconference Institute session gives you a chance to immerse in exciting learning that builds on the Alaska-grown Anchorage Youth Development Coalition (AYDC) Second Order Change initiative. Since 2016, Second Order Change has engaged dozens of staff from 20 different youth serving organizations and counting. AYDC is program of the Center for Safer Alaskans.