Join a Committee

The Alaska Afterschool Network is building a statewide system to support, strengthen, and advocate for afterschool programs and activities for children, youth, and families throughout Alaska. We seek to ensure all Alaska kids and youth have access to high-quality afterschool programs and activities. Our goals are:    

  • Building partnerships at the local, state, and national levels.
  • Supporting policies that help sustain new and existing afterschool programs.    
  • Ensuring quality by creating statewide systems for programs and professionals.

Steering Committee

The Alaska Afterschool Network’s Steering Committee is comprised of individuals and organizational representatives from across urban and rural Alaska. The Steering Committee provide governance, strategic visioning, and leadership to the network and key work committee to advance our shared mission.   

Advocacy Committee

The Advocacy Committee is a dedicated group of community members, parents, service providers, and policy makers working towards increasing access to high-quality afterschool programs and activities for kids and youth throughout Alaska. The Advocacy Committee is focused on community will building and policy level change at the local, state, and national level. Projects of the Advocacy Committees include: Lights On Afterschool, Summer Learning Day, Voices for Alaska’s Children, and more.

Professional Development Committee

Ensuring access to high-quality professional learning opportunities for Alaska’s afterschool providers is priority for the network. The Professional Development Committee is a committed group of educators, service providers, human resource professionals, and trainers from across the state, working to increase access to quality professional development opportunities for youth workers and volunteers through opportunities such as the annual Alaska Afterschool Conference. The Professional Development Committee works to align training resources, boost youth work competency, and advance quality programming.

STEM Committee

The STEM Committee is a dedicated group of professionals that gather to share resources and collaborate on projects that work toward advancing STEM in afterschool. The STEM committee coordinates efforts to improve access to and professional development for STEM activities in out-of-school time settings.


For more information on how to get involved and join a committee, contact us.