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Free STEM Webinar with NASA
Afterschool Astronomy: Bring the Universe Down to Earth

January 25, 12 pm - 1 pm

Afterschool Universe (AU) is a curriculum for a hands-on astronomy program targeted at middle school-aged children (grades 5-8) in out-of-school-time settings. This flexibly-structured program explores basic astronomy concepts, focusing on what's in the universe and how we study it, and is designed to be run in a variety of settings. AU was created by the Astrophysics Education Team at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center in response to the needs of the afterschool community.

The overarching goals of AU are to increase participant comfort and engagement with STEM, and to increase awareness and understanding about concepts in astronomy. This webinar will lead participants in a series of hands-on activities from the AU program. We will also introduce participants to the free comprehensive manual for program facilitators that provides background information and detailed recipes for running program sessions, and other online resources.

Participate in a hands-on STEM activity during the webinar (optional). To participate, you will need two small balls of different sizes — we recommend a tennis ball and ping pong ball — and a hard surface to bounce them on. This activity will be shared virtually through the presenter's webcam for those that do not have access to these supplies.

Sara Mitchell & Sarah Eyermann, CRESST/ University of Maryland & NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Christina Milotte, ADNET Systems and NASA Goddard Space Flight Center

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